Thursday, December 30, 2021


 The 2022 Lotto Number Prophetic Signs

(from the Sept 14 newsletter)

Does God speak through numbers? Consider the many sevens in the book of revelation; seven churches, seven angels, seven candlesticks, seven bowls of wrath, seven seals. The number 7 is referenced over 50 times in the book of revelation alone.

The number 22 is also a biblically significant number. There are 22 letters in the Hebrew alphabet. In the original count of the old testament book, the Jews counted them as 22 books. There are 22 chapters in the book of Revelation and Tishri 22 is the last day on God’s sacred calendar, from leviticus.

Both 7 & 22 are similar, meaning a time of fullness, completion, a severing or a cutting off.

Of course, everything God gives, the demons mimmick, so expect to find new agers and others using the number 22 for their own messages, but we with the Holy Spirit have the true meaning of these biblically based numbers because it is Yahweh who defines what they are.

Not only in numbers, but as we know, God speaks thru the creation and thru events, even political and sporting events. He is not silent.

As Benjamin Franklin once said, “The longer I live sir, the more I see, God is in the affairs of men.”

Is it no wonder that as I was driving around town, in Asheville NC for a season, the Spirit of God upon me, lead me to see this on September 22, 2020.

Was it also a coincidence that on March 22, 2021, I also saw this?

I don’t often pass through that part of town, where this billboard is, but on those days, I just happened to be driving through there taking care of “other business”.  Why did I run into all these 22s? I believe God is showing me even more, signs of 2022. Is God into the lotto or gambling. Certainly not, but is merely using these numbers to compel us to awaken to 2022.

I’m also finding other significant number signs and synchronicities God is speaking to me on, especially for the date September 12, 2022, which is in the midst of the every 7 year major event season, called the Shemitah.

That March 22, 2021 billboard sign above is exactly 77 weeks to 9/12/2022. My release of the California Yom Kippur book was on 5/11/2021, which is 70 weeks to 9/12/2022. 5/11/21 is also 511 days to October 5th, 2022, the date given in my California Yom Kippur dream. There are 22 days between September 12 and October 5th.

9/12/2022 is weeks before the prophesied California mega quake, also aligning with the many testimonies of the Pacific Tsunami that’s suppose to cause mass wreckage along the US west coast and Hawaii, at that time. Are these number synchronicities signs to us, aligning with that time for tsunami?

Is there enough evidence here to compel us to keep a prophetic watch for that time to come? Along with several other incredible number signs God has shown me, I feel compelled to write this blog. Experiencing these synchronicities first hand, compels me to believe and to watch for tsunami at that time or close to that time to come.

Along with the many other major signs, we have no lack of evidence to be on watch with all due diligence, for that time to come.

Bill Weather,